onedb is a scalable, distributed, cloud-based engine for evolveable databases. onedb is the database engine used for the appjangle platform.

Compose interconnected data using a powerful Java API:

// initializes onedb engine 
OneJre.init("[Your API key here]");

// creates a new cloud database 'hello'
One.createRealm("hello").and(new WhenRealmCreated() {

    public void thenDo(WithRealmCreatedResult r) {
        OneNode dbRoot = r.root();
        OneClient client = r.client();

        // append hello world in English 
        String engHello = "Hello, world!";
        One.append("is English")

        // append hello world in German
        String gerHello = "Hallo, Welt!";
        One.append("is German")

        // shutdown client ...

Running this application will create a cloud database such as the following:

For more details check the step-by-step tutorial.

Also check the onedb blog for recent announcements etc.

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